What to Expect

 When you are looking for a mobile veterinary ultrasound and diagnostic service, you should be able to count on reliability, accuracy and excellent service for your patients. At Advanced Veterinary Mobile Diagnostics, PC we are keenly aware how quickly a patient's medical status can decline and our goal is to provide rapid service - either same day or next day service after you call.

LogoRemade.jpg.pngWe utilize state of the art ultrasound and endoscopic equipment in performing diagnostic procedures. Dr Judy Pawlusiow, a board certified veterinary internal medicine specialist, has over 15 years of experience providing mobile veterinary diagnostic service to area practices in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and working with veterinarians as an ancillary member of their diagnostic team. We try to minimize any disruption to your clinic schedule and are flexible in working with you, your staff and your client.

A darkened, quiet room and an assistant from your staff to help restrain patients is required to perform all sonographic procedures. All abdominal ultrasound patients should be fasted (excluding diabetic and hypoglycemic patients) and have full urinary bladders. Clipping patients can be done at the time of the procedure. Sedation is only required for biopsy procedures or at the discretion of the veterinarian if a fractious patient requires sedation for safe restraint.

Endoscopy procedures require inhalation anesthesia, intubation and monitoring by your veterinary technicians. There are some pre-medications that interfere with endoscopic examination and anesthetic protocols vary from practice to practice. When scheduling an endoscopic procedure, prior discussion with Dr. Judy Pawlusiow can provide guidelines and appropriate agents for the designated procedure and patient.

Equipment setup time is brief. Dr. Pawlusiow reviews the patient's medical record and radiographs with you prior to any procedures and the findings and recommendations are discussed with you at the time of service. Immediate results for your patient are given - no tape review delay and no waiting for a report to arrive days later.  With Advanced Veterinary Mobile Diagnostics as an ancillary member of your veterinary diagnostic team,  Dr. Judy Pawlusiow can help you provide referral quality diagnostics for your patients without the travel and at a reasonable cost. Call 516-457-2663 to schedule an appointment and we will find a time that is convenient for you and your client.